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Semantic Technology and its application

Posted in Intelligent System, Semantic by Khang Vo on December 9, 2009

1. Semantic Technology?

Semantic Technology can be briefly understood that it is an text analysis technique that can give us the semantic (the real knowledge) from a raw text data. It can be understood in a larger term that semantic image analysis, semantic video analysis but currently, we focus on Semantic for Text Data

2. Why do we need Semantic Technology?

This is the original problem for every database system ranging from MB to TB of data. We have the whole database of data but we usually do not care too much about these data. We care about the knowledge we can get out from data.  This knowledge can be used in many commercial applications such as Business Intelligence Applications

3. Applications

3.1 / Semantic Web

One of big applications of Semantic Technology is Semantic Web. This is almost the whole decade from the first article on Semantic Web (T.Berners-Lee, 2001). The idea , raised by T.Berners-Lee – creator of web 1.0, is all about linking data from all web sites and create a useful information, a real knowledge from raw data ( .  So that, an agent/robot can go and understand the relationship between these data and give us the real knowledge we want to know. Even the idea of Semantic Web is far from real application into create a real web for machines, the results of all researches worth considering and apply into industrial applications

3.1.1/ What does Semantic Web mean with industry?

The first biggest thing, IMO, must be Semantic Search Engine. It is one of  hundreds of millions industry, and nowadays, if we want to compete with Google, new Search Engine must not index and search in these indexes well but must got the Semantic inside those data. It is really hard now to compete with Google and Microsoft Bing in terms of data structure and system architecture to make system responds in much better in terms of relevance and speed. Microsoft Bing acquired (video demo: in an effort to compete with Google.

3.2/ Semantic Web Services

The next application should be Semantic Web Service. A web service that machine can understand and do automatic discovery, invocation and composition. This kind of application is now still only have examples of research applications, not have any real industry application yet. However, whenever, it overcomes the problems with Trust and Cost, I think we can see many enterprise companies apply this technology so that their web services will be discovered directly and invoked automatically.

3.3 Smaller applications

With the development of third party web services like : Open Calais (, the website analyze really well about the semantic meaning of a text, a showcase can be seen in : ), we can really use this technology for many commercial applications. Some of them can be analyse chat data, analyse the newspapers so that we can know which kinds of customers we are serving and we can give them what they want.

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