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Posted in Iphone, Software Development by Khang Vo on June 28, 2010

Working with Iphone development is working with OSX, and we always need good tools and software for both IPhone and OSX environment to boost our productivity and reducing the repetitive, boring jobs

1/ Multitouch, Accelerometer and more : ISimulate

An application allows you to use your real iphone to control the IPhone Simulator. There is nothing better than the real IPhone device to get the real user feeling. The reason is that it will save a lot of time for you when you only build on simulator, debugging on simulator and you have a wide screen to see.

2/ Memory static analyzer : Clang

Help you a lot in the managed memory environment of iphone development. Good news is that the new XCode (3.2) will integrate directly with Clang help you to analyze and find memory leak much faster.

3/ Google tool box for Mac

You cannot write a good iphone app development without writing good unit testing. And I suggest you to use Google toolbox for Mac with a lot of supports, easy to integrate into your project. It is better than the default OCUnit in XCode. It also really runs your code, which takes more time, but gives you a real, better result and can help you to deal with some File IO or real code you need to run when running unit test.

4/ UI Automation Test: XCode Instrument

Stop running the UI everytime you fix a bug or adding new feature. UI Automation Instrument is a best tool for you like robot proxy in web testing.

5/ Screen capture software: Jing

Good, free software with high quality captured video. Good use for demo.

Catupre Screen Software

6/ Chat client: Adium or Imo

Why do I put a chat client here? Everybody need some way of communication, especially if some of your co-workers or clients are not there. In Mac, you can use Adium to integrate a lot of chatting services like Gmail, yahoo…


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  1. Johny D. Nguyen said, on July 17, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Hei, could you create some awesome games on Mac, because I don’t have iPhone btw.

    • Khang Vo said, on July 17, 2010 at 9:15 pm

      You would be sad because I don’t develop games:). Why not go ahead and buy an Iphone 4 or ipad. There are very few games and applications in Mac comparing to Iphone and Ipad, Apple spend all efforts in Iphone and Ipad now, even not caring about Mac developers

  2. Khang Vo said, on July 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    I will share some awesome applications and games someday, whenever I collect enough excellent ones to share. Yeah, Apple is really innovative these days 🙂

  3. Johny D. Nguyen said, on July 17, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    Hi, keep up the great work dude. You got another fan of Apple here!

    Btw, these stuffs are too technical for me haha.

    Have a great weekend.

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